Hair colors have become an indispensible part of the beauty industry. But do you know that most hair colors have harmful chemicals that damage your hair. If you are looking for a safe and natural hair color that’ll cover all grey hair and give a natural look, then Jamaican Hair Color is the best option. It is important that the hair color you choose gives a natural finish. Jamaican Hair Color gives a natural color and look. It doesn’t look artificial at all.

Made from the finest ingredients, it is a superior quality product from the house of Kokana Products. Available in a variety of shades to suit varying needs, Jamaican Hair Color is very easy to use and apply. The color pay off is high so you don’t have to apply it every week. Apply it once and you are sorted for a couple of weeks.

The various types of Jamaican Hair Color are –

  • Jamaican Light Brown
  • Jamaican Dark Brown
  • Jamaican Golden Brown
  • Jamaican Chestnut Brown
  • Jamaican Natural Black
  • Jamaican Black
  • Jamaican Burgundy

Choose from the wide range of colors and give your hair the much needed nourishment. Yes, Jamaican Hair Color not only colors your hair, but it also nourished your hair every time you color. It makes your hair shiny and smooth.